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How Many Calories In Banana Muffin – Low Fat Banana Muffins

banana muffin

How many calories in a banana muffin? One home made banana muffin has about 184 calories. People who are looking forward to loose weight but are fans of banana muffins have no need to get disappointed. There are lots of thought which we can utilize in modifying a high calorie muffin to low fat muffin. Low fat muffins are ideal for your weight loss programs. Bananas have plenty of fiber and are high in potassium. This helps in keeping up the body energy. Low fat banana muffins can really help you in loosing weight without sacrificing your favorite taste.

Why Low Fat is Important

If you want to lose weight you must know that you have to avoid consuming excessive fat. Every gram of the fat consists of 9 calories, fiber, carbohydrates and proteins. Though it is important to take fats but in less quantity which helps in the extraction of the minerals and vitamins from the foods we take. According to low fat diets it is recommended to eat about 40 grams or less every day.

Low Fat Banana Muffins

The worst banana muffins for weight watchers are those which have high quantity of sugars. Banana muffins work well because they are sweet naturally. So consider the recipe you are using. Natural flavors are the best so it is recommended to prepare banana muffins at home. Use low fat ingredients in your recipe to make it according to your needs.

The muffins you are purchasing must have plenty of banana (learn more how many calories in a banana). This will be the source of plenty of fiber, sugars and moisture. The fiber content should be high which you will get from the whole grain flour instead of processed flours. Look for the wheat bran, whole wheat flour, rice bran and even whole oat flour in the muffins you are considering. Your muffins will be healthier and you will feel more satisfied.

Nuts have a high content of fats, but fiber and protein content can help you feel fuller longer so you end up consuming a whole less calories. The lower fat banana muffin will assist you in weight loss and also will keep the rest of your diet healthy. How many calories in banana muffin? The calories depends upon the types of muffin you are prepared as there are many types of muffin such as banana bread muffins which has 197.5 calories, 5.8g fat, 27.5g carbs and 2.5g proteins.